Festival and Event Recycling Equipment

KerbyFestival for Festival & Event Recycling

Based on our original Kerbside Recycling Vehicle System, Kerby®Festival is a simple and efficient way to keep your recycling stream moving at large Events or Festivals.

Housed as one effective and fully automated unit, you can now Sort and Bale Cans and Plastic Bottles, on-site at Events and Festivals, providing you with flexibility, and significantly improving your efficiency andcosts.

The amalgamation and automation of separate processes means bulky materials are dealt with quickly, easily and safely. You can save space and reduce your environmental impact by removing more materials from site in fewer journeys.

Designed to fit with your needs, Kerby® Festival can be built to your specifications, our basic model being easily transportable on a Flatbed Truck.

Keep the flow of materials moving and employ the system that could be the future of recycling at events.

Please follow this link to Youtube for a demonstration of our kerbside model, similar in principle:


For more information please contact us on 01209 311076/7....For easy and efficient recycling on-site.

More details coming soon.