Materials Recycling Facility: Case Study

Materials Recycling Facility: Case Study

Chelmsford Borough Council

The Government required each Council to be Recycling at least 10% of its waste by 2004 but Chelmsford decided they could do better. It purchased a Plant capable of recycling 40% by 2004 and 60% by 2007.

Barry Saunders, Environmental Improvement Manager at the Council, began by looking into the potential for Recycling Cans and after initial research concluded that he could use a single supplier for equipment to process Card, Paper and Plastic Bottles as well as Cans.

Naturally, with high volumes of different materials, several Conveyors were needed. These were part of the tender requirements along with Sorting Stations, a custom built building, and Crushers, Shredders and Balers. These were all assembled on their site which was an old cattle market.

The Advanced Recycling Systems tender was one of three sought by the Council and was won on the basis of proven reputation, quality and price.