Plastics Bottle Recycling Equipment

Plastic Bottle Piercers


We have a range of Static and Mobile Solutions to process Plastic Bottles and materials.

Advanced Recycling Systems' Plastic Bottle Baling Equipment can be supplied with fully integrated Plastic Bottle Piercers providing efficient material puncture with excellent bale density and integrity. Added resistance to damage during handling and transportation ensures minimal loss of materials. They have a small footprint and our tried and tested designs can be assembled independently or integrated into existing sorting lines.

For the latest innovation in Mobile or Kerbside Plastics Recycling we have KerbyPlasticTM. Capable of Flattening or Shredding Plastic Bottles whilst on the road, Kerby® has a huge Plastic Bottle capacity.

An option for mixed Cans and/or Other Materials is also available. Please see our Kerby® Information Page for an overview.

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